Gluten Free Muffins/Black Bean Tostada

I’ll admit it, I’ve become afflicted with culinary ennui.  Typically, my interest in both cooking and eating is a constant on which I can rely, but that’s not been the case lately.  I’ve been only vaguely interested in cooking for pleasure lately, and believe me, I’m just as surprised about it as you are.  What’s much more shocking is that I’m not even particularly hungry.  The only thing that’s sounded good to me recently is sushi, and while it sounds VERY VERY good, I’m low on cash flow and will have to settle for family meal and cheerios snack mix instead.  That said, I can’t let my laziness get in the way of my blogging.  As my way of reconciling for my two-week absence, I’ve put together this double blog!

The first recipe, for gluten-free peach muffins, resulted in my wanting to bake the peaches my mom left at New Smitty’s but not having enough of them to make a pie – thus, muffins!  I also had a surplus of greek yogurt thanks to my propensity to buy it every time it’s on sale.  I’m almost sick of raita and tzatziki, so I was in search of another approach.  The result was a vanilla-laced greek yogurt to top my light and delicious peach muffins.

These muffins are, much like the chocolate chip banana loaf, extremely easy to make  Simply sift the dry ingredients together; mix the wet ingredients, and combine.  Then, scoop into paper-lined muffin tins, sprinkle liberally with turbinado sugar, and bake for about 25 minutes at 350 degrees!  Easy breezy.

Gluten-Free Peach Muffins with Greek Yogurt and Walnuts


1 1/2 c. all-purpose gluten-free flour
2/3 c. brown sugar
11/2 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 c. milk
1/2 c. vegetable oil
1 egg
approx 2 Tbs turbinado sugar for sprinkling

For the greek yogurt topping, combine one 8 oz. container of greek yogurt with 2 tsp. confectioner’s sugar and 1 tsp vanilla extract.  This works best if you allow it to chill in the refridgerator for at least an hour before topping the muffins with it and a handful of chopped walnuts.  I hardly need to suggest how good this is with a cup of strong coffee.

Part two of this blog installment belongs in the Single and Starving vault, for sure.  This Black Bean and Tomato Tostada is so easy, you can be enjoying tostadatation in about ten minutes.

To include a proper recipe for this tostada would insult your intelligence.  Simply pan fry a tortilla shell in about a Tbs. of oil.  Then, top with black beans, cheese, thinly sliced tomatoes, and more cheese.  You can melt the cheese in the oven for a couple of minutes, or if you use a smaller size tortilla, I would throw that thing in the toaster oven and leave your regular oven off.  Because it’s way hot outside.  Way hot.  I finished mine off with a hearty handful of cilantro and the requisite dollop of daisy.  I seasoned my black beans with some freshly-ground cumin and a little crushed garlic.  Also, after I sliced my tomatoes, I allowed them to drain for a couple of minutes on a paper towell because soggy tostada is unacceptable.

stay cool,


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