A Very New Smitty’s Christmas

The holiday season is finally over (except for my birthday, which happens in just FOUR short days.)  Every year, I do essentially the same things:  covet high-dollar presents and lust for etsy gems, watch Scrooged and Home Alone, and of course, feast.  This year carried on the traditions of the past but was somehow even awesomer than I could’ve imagined.  I owe this awesomeness to the company I received for A Very New Smitty’s Christmas — My mom and her husband, my bff Jonny D, and my boo Josh.

There was still some snow on the ground when we woke up Christmas morning.  I made coffee and set the record player up for a day of some soulful-ass gospel tunes.  As I began to assemble my mise en place, I gazed dreamily out the kitchen window, recalling the sweet success of Christmas Eve.  (Two Words:  Couples’ Snuggie.)  Every fifteen minutes or so, I wandered back to the bedroom to pester a sleeping Boo with pinches and giggles.  Eventually, we were both up, making rounds of Christmas calls to faraway family and snacking on spinach dip (Oh the dip!)

After a few hours of cooking and last-minute present wrapping, my guests began to arrive.  We exchanged gifts and feasted on sweet potato gratin, smoked turkey, bacon-wrapped scallops, stuffing, fried oysters, green beans, and spinach dip.  I LOVE KNORR’S SPINACH DIP.  I kind of need some right now…you know, the dip in the packet to which you add water chestnuts, spinach, mayonaise, and sour cream.  LOVE IT.  CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. 

When the festivites were nearly over, we cut into the apple pie.  True to my promise to Josh’s dad, Bobby Joe, I adorned this apple pie with a little dough jesus.  Delish.

So Christmas was fun, and winter is great, but now that it’s over, I’m ready for Spring and……BASEBALL!



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