Rainy Day Beet Greens

In order to make Lebanese-style pickled turnips, or kabees el lift, I was compelled to buy beets at the market:  beet root is what gives the briny turnips their characteristic pink hue.  My bunch of beets came topped with lovely beet greens, something I know better than to waste.

My initial impulse was to braise the greens like collards with saltpork and cider vinegar, but being impatient as I was, I instead opted for what I call the Edo’s/Mama zu treatment:  Olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and pine nuts.  The result was a delicious mound of steamy greens with a lovely bitter-sour flavor and little bursts of “fatness” from the pine nuts.  If you’ve got a plethora of root greens, as you must in the winter months, please do give them the same treatment; you’ll be stoked, I promise.

sexy greens outdoors

and looking figgity fly indoors…



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