27 Reasons…

I’ve been MIA for a few days, thanks to my Epic 3-day Birthday Weekend.  It was completely packed with people, love, and new stuff – precisely how a birthday should be.

Here are the 27 reasons why my 27th birthday was TOTALLY RAD.

1.  Millie’s Brunch – I called ahead to see if they had pupusas, forgetting that Saturday is Wilfredito’s day off.  Thus, they were pupusa-less, but I still greatly enjoyed seeing everyone and devouring huevos rancheros, two evil keevils, and Richmond’s Best Bloody Mary.  The welcome reception I got from Boobs, aka Boo Boo Darlin’ was enough to make any birthday girl blush.


3.  A Sparkway on Rt. 5 to Hopewell, where we (Jonny D, Seth, et moi) discovered a treasure trove of junk shops and people who were more than willing to haggle.  6 new pairs of earrings, as many new shirts, a food mill, and an antique nippon mustard dish with maybe the coolest spoon I’ve ever seen! Holy Booty, Batman!

That’s my last name?  Are these my people?!

5.  We got home just in time to sign for this delightful package.   
It’s from D&G, who also took the time to call me and sing happy birthday (complete with barking to represent their dogs) on my voicemail.  I ate all the strawberries and gave the apples to Seth.

This AMAZING homemade gift package from my friend Jen at Green Hearts Farms!! It’s got a spice blend called bangarang, a sugar blend, and a vanilla lollipop. YUM.

6. And, also in the GHF package, this cuff bracelet, which I’ve barely taken off since receiving.    
The image is of the Swedish Chef from the muppets boiling lobster.  How perfect is that??  GHF sells these rad cuffs too, if you’re jealous.

foto by jonny d


8.  I got to help Victoria give out samples of her delicious Pizza Tonight pizzas, meatballs, and sauces at Belmont Butchery.  It was as fun as it was delicious.

9.  Playing with large knives: 

foto by jonny d


10. A big heapin’ lot of well wishes on the facebook. It’s nice to feel the love of people near and far. Totally warm n fuzzy.

11. Prosecco and a cheese plate at Secco. We got Cashell Blue, Nancy’s Camembert, and an unidentified pungent, earthy rined goat cheese that was divine. Their spicy port reduction is the perfect compliment to the rich, complex cheeses.

12. This wasn’t too shabby either.

13. Seeing the lovely Garnett with a log of Peanut Butter Cookie dough just for me! She very cleverly paired the dough with a chipotle sugar mix. I can’t wait to bake them and share…or, you know, not share.

14. Huynh’s, the newest addition to the Horsepen Rd. Eastern Asian Scene, was delicious and a welcome escape from the plan of making my own dinner that I had formulated BEFORE imbibing with the ladies at Secco. Their pho was huge and just what I was looking for, but if you’re wondering, there is still no better phoption than Pho So 1. That said, Huynh’s does offer friendlier service and a more pleasing ambiance than PS1. I would definitely go back. Like, tonight.

15. I got a birthday card from this guy:

Good Kitty! And such good penmanship for not having thumbs!

16. Lots of love from my dear Merm on facebook and over the phone. That lady loves me like crazy! Her gift to me is a car fixer-upper, which the ‘Rolls needs desperately.

17. I have a tendency to RSVP for things and then not attend. This has made me the bane of Chris Bopst’s life for quite some time now, as he is obsessed with me, and wants to monitor my every movement/see me as much as possible. This was the case yet again on the night in question, when I totally flaked on seeing one of Richmond’s best bands at one of Richmond’s best venues. My b.

18. I was in bed by 10:30.

19. The next morning, I was treated to brunch at Mezzanine by Seth’s wonderful brother and sister-in-law, Scott and Keri, with their kids Meg, Jerry, and Jacob. Despite being continuously harassed by local kitty, Mr. Carytown, a good time was had by all.

20. We got to enjoy the best part of Marec Marunde’s birthday party — all snacks and no melee!

21. Groceries and naperies! Sleepy Sunday, ftw.

22. Ordering chinese food because I wasn’t ready to return to the world of the working girl…

23. Having the next day off! I love the fact that Martin Luther King, Jr. Day coincides so nicely with my own birthday, as I get to pretend the government has deemed it a national holiday.

24. Helping Victoria with Pizza Tonight production has it’s perks, namely chicken skin tacos and an inspired creation called tamalachos, tamale ends seared on the flat-top, smothered in cheese and chili sauce. Victoria shares the kitchen at Nate’s Taco Truck Stop, a must for any true taco enthusiast.

25. Seth moved the unsightly upturned daybed from my auxillary kitchen, transforming the room into a spacious dining/entertaining destination!


It’s not all about commodities, but having a boyfriend with impeccable taste and the means to get me this adorable work bag is pretty nice. Pret-ty nice.

27. An all-new episode of Intervention for Seth and my first Dinnervention together featuring Green Curry and Som Tum for dinner with the promise of the same for lunch today:

Thanks to everyone for making my birthday such a blast. I am lucky, thankful, and very very happy.



8 responses to “27 Reasons…

  1. What a great birthday weekend you had, full of fun and deliciousness. I agree Pho So 1 is still the best pho in town. Haven’t tried huynh’s. i really don’t mind unfriendly service as long as it’s not mean or in your face…sometimes it’s more of shyness and frustration of not being able to communicate than being unfriendly. Hmmn… chicken skin tacos, I need to get me one of those!

    • I agree about the service. I’ve always sort of enjoyed the dynamic at PS1. You order; they bring it. You finish; they take it. There’s something comforting about the lack of pretense and foppery. And yes, you do need to get a chicken skin taco. Maybe two!

    • I will gladly work for/with you on my birthday or any other day. Thanks for my delicious Secco treats! xo

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