Breadwinners and A Taste of Therapy

As the “about” page suggests, I work for a non-profit that helps women start small businesses, New Visions, New Ventures.  Specifically, I am the Director of the Breadwinners program, which provides counseling, workshops, and access to a commercial kitchen in order to help women start food-based businesses. 

It is an amazingly fulfilling job that allows me to stay current and invested in the food business world without having a ladder of burn marks running up both forearms AND with a much more life-balance-friendly schedule.  I am extremely thrilled to have found a way to combine my culinary experience with my passion for community development.

One of the businesses that has gone through the Breadwinners program is A Taste of Therapy, which provides culinary experiences for personal growth (aka therapeutic cooking classes.) Allison Carver is a licensed professional counselor and graduate of the University of Richmond Culinary Certificate program.  Check out their client profile and their

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