Eva Burton’s House

My favorite room of any house is almost always the kitchen.  And having lived in almost 30 different homes in not quite as many years, I can consider myself to be quite the expert.  In my wildest dreams, I’d have a kitchen with a giant fireplace and a sturdy old wood farm table, with plenty of light and counter space and modern yet charming appliances.  Those things may reside in a distant future, but with my most recent move, I gained a walk-in pantry and the sweetest little breakfast nook this side of the line of breakfast nooks.

What’s your favorite room of the house?  What is it about that room that you love?

I very recently relocated to another Richmond neighborhood.  I am the newest Fan transplant to hit Forest Hill, and I couldn’t be happier.  Mr. Ganz and I secured residence in what had been the home of Mrs. Eva Burton (who died at the age of 97) for 60 YEARS!!!  And from the looks of things, Mrs. Burton was one cool lady.  She left behind collections of old recipes and antiquated (but in perfect shape) small appliances, china, silver, and some positively stunning glass dishes.  Mrs. Burton, according to the neighbors, was a canning enthusiast who loved to bake.  I can’t think of anyone who would be better suited to take over the house for the departed Eva than myself – Had we only met, I’m sure she would’ve had a lifetime of kitchen wisdom to impart.

The adjustment to a different neighborhood is still a work in progress. I do certainly miss the option of having three markets within walking distance (and another one on the way…geesh,) and I already have a slight tinge of regret that Secco is no longer one of my immediate neighbors – looks like I’ll have to start frying my own chick peas.  But none of that really matters when I compare New Smitty’s to New Kent.

Our lil cape cod is positively charming and cozy like whoazy.  The neighbors are as polite as they are not-directly-on-top-of-us, and never again will we have to wake up to the Steve Harvey House Crew hammering and stammering at 7:30 in the morning (srrsly, they listen to 106.5 The Beat ALL DAY LONG.)

Also, the cat loves the place.  He’s like the king of the house, all prancing around the basement in pursuit of critters (of which I’m happy to report he’s found none) and sleeping in sunny windows.

But the absolute best thing about the new digs is the kitchen.  Of course I’d say that, right?  Right.  So, while I continue to slave over every single inch of the kitchen-dining-room-compound, unpacking, setting up, and cleaning like Martha herself, I thought I’d share some pictures of New Smitty’s, specifically the kitchen and auxiliary kitchen – as a farewell to a place where I spent three years eating, drinking, and entertaining with the people I love..

Later, New Smits!  Thanks for the memories….


11 responses to “Eva Burton’s House

  1. Welcome to the hood! I’m on Stonewall a few blocks from the park, though I might be moving into town in a few months. Looks like you found an awesome place, renting or buying?

  2. Sure do LOVE this blog!! I think the new place looks absolutely perfect for you all. And I did get a little teary looking at the pictures of New Smittys…but you look stunning! Can’t wait to come over!

  3. Brad – We’re renting for now, but that may change. Come by for a visit before you relocate; as you can imagine, there is always yummy food to be eaten!

    Tim – I could unload a lot of wallet in your shop – everything is GORGEOUS. If anyone is wondering where to pick up a housewarming gift, I’ll be pointing them that way.

  4. Your old kitchen was very nice, but man oh man NEW KITCHEN LUST! I would trade just about anything I have in my kitchen for that nook, man. A-DORABLE. Have so much fun serving breakfast to the Huxtables and the Hoagans in that nook!

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