Supper Bowl pt. II, Meatball Subs

There’s a powerful argument to be made for meatball subs on Superbowl Sunday. Something about the combination of ground meat (pork and beef, of course) with sharp provolone cheese and garlicky marinara sauce practically screams “Team Sports.” Or, is that just me? Just me.

Well whatever, I think it’s a no-brainer. It works for a Super Bowl feast for the immediate fam (add an arugula salad and you have a pretty balanced meal) or for something to take to a party. Just set up an assembly line of baguettes, meatballs, sauce, and cheese, and you’ll be done before you can say touchdown.

This might be a cooking blog, but I think you’ll find a notable lack of cooking in this process. I get my meatballs and sauce from…..Pizza Tonight! Sure, I could make my own meatballs. In fact, a year ago today, I did just that. But why should I do what my work already does for me…and does so well!

The key to sub success is assembling the best ingredients possible and then just putting them all together. Pizza Tonight sauce and meatballs, quality baguette (Flour Garden baguettes are available on!) and a zippy, bold provolone – don’t compromise on the cheese; it’s the lynchpin on which a scrumptious sub rests.


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