Oh hi!

I’m a cook who became a business counselor after an enjoyable interlude in the non-profit world. I love farmer’s markets, food trucks, and anything pickled. I want to share recipes and inspire people.  I want to talk about food.  I live in Richmond, VA with my husband and baby, and I work here. I’m a proud member of Women Chefs and Restaurateurs and The Southern Foodways Alliance and a Nationals fan FOR LIFE.

I love tomatoes and cucumbers, oysters, tuna, and avocados. If you’re trying to get me on your good side, start with sushi; if that doesn’t work, try tamales.

Drop me a line at stephanie@stephanieganz.com.
Visit stephanieganz.com.

stephanie ganz

An Onion Cloute:

An onion cloute is a “studded” or “nailed” onion traditionally used to flavor the classical French sauce Bechamel.  I chose the studded onion because I love the image it evokes – a punk of an onion made even more pungent with a woodsy Bay leaf and Christmasy cloves.

An onion cloute also represents something that I enjoy about cooking — combining unexpected ingredients to develop flavors and create a rewarding, complex culinary experience.

I began onioncloute on Livejournal (hah!) as a way to chronicle my experience working for Bryan Voltaggio at VOLT in Frederick, MD.  In transitioning my blog from Livejournal to WordPress, I left my VOLT posts behind.  I had a fun time rereading them, and I find them quite valuable on a number of levels — like, if I want to impress someone with a wikipedia-shaped knowledge of purslane or if I want to dally in the sentimentality of a funny 6-month period of my life that set the stage for where I am today.  Either way, you can find it all here.




11 responses to “about

  1. I WOULD say this blog is awesome, inspirational, mouth-watering, AND visually appealing, but those adjectives don’t even do it justice. My only goal in life is to one day have my photo taken while awkwardly devouring one of your delicious creations and have the honor of you posting it to this blog. Keep up the great work, homie. You are truly meant for fame and fortune.

    • AWWWW!!! You are the best! My eyes, they are wet w/ tears!!! Please come to Richmond, and I will stuff you with the foods, all of the foods. loveballs and heartballs.

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  3. I’d like to invite you to come visit Kabab Grille for lunch or dinner one day. We serve 100% authentic Pakistani cuisine (even a few potato dishes!). I think you’d like it a great deal 😀

  4. Hello,
    Sitting at Kill Devil Hills looking out at the rolling Atlantic, my friend, CookinFanatic’s Mom, told me about your amazing salmon dish. Saw the picture on your blog and was caught; hook, line, and sinker. Will prepare it this coming week for my Weight Watchers dinner club!

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